Tarot is calling to you. Are you ready to answer?

Work with Liz Worth, tarot expert and author of The Power of Tarot in this exclusive one-year mentorship program. 

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Does This Sound Like You?

You’re learning tarot but…

  • You are overwhelmed by the wealth information out there and you’re not sure which teachings are right for you;
  • You struggle to trust in your own readings or interpretations;
  • You often question your own intuition;
  • You feel called to work with tarot, but you lack the confidence to share your abilities with others;
  • You have done some tarot readings for your friends, but you feel like there’s “more to it” than what you’ve been able to see in the cards…
  • You value spiritual knowledge and believe that tarot is part of your spiritual path – and you are ready to commit yourself to mastering this powerful tool…
  • You want to better understand your own spiritual journey in this lifetime…
  • You want to get expert feedback on your readings so that you can improve your tarot skills…

Imagine what it would be like...

...to go from a tarot hobbyist to a skilled reader.

Imagine what it would be like to go from being a tarot beginner to a confident card slinger.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally trust in yourself and your intuition. To feel less doubtful about your tarot readings and step into a deeper relationship with the sacred art of cartomancy.

Imagine dedicating a year of your life to your spiritual path, and what new perspectives and possibilities might open for you. To make more time for the things you love – including tarot.

Imagine what you would gain from learning a skill like tarot – a tool that can help guide your decisions and nourish your spirit. And one that you can also share with others when they need guidance, too.

If you’re ready to learn tarot in an immersive one-year experience, I invite you to work with me as your personal mentor.

This mentorship is a year-long commitment.

We will meet twice a month to work together to work on your tarot skills, improve your tarot readings, and give you a greater understanding of the spiritual laws that are at work within your own life.

"Simply put, Liz is a great teacher. As a beginner to tarot I was looking for someone who could skilfully introduce me to all the tarot has to offer and Liz did, and continues to do that with ease, warmth and understanding. Additionally, I learnt to reach into the cards and into myself and really cannot recommend Liz enough!"

South Wales

This program is for you if... You are ready to commit yourself to tarot: It takes a long time to learn, and can’t be mastered without hours of practice.

You can succeed in this mentorship if you hold yourself to high expectations and:

  • You understand that there are no short-cuts with spiritual work;
  • You love to learn and get excited about homework and assignments;
  • You want feedback and guidance on your tarot readings;
  • You value the one-on-one time, personalized advice, and accountability a mentor can give you;
  • You see tarot as part of your spiritual journey, and you take spiritual work seriously;
  • You are ready to get out of your comfort zone, show up for your weekly calls, ask questions, and be an active participant throughout this process.

What will we work on together?

Every spiritual journey is a personal one. My goal for you in this mentorship is, first and foremost, to have you leave with a stronger understanding of tarot, and an improved ability to read cards.

We will spend time doing practice readings, developing your interpretation skills, and helping you develop your reading style and the way you deliver your tarot readings.

Because my approach to tarot is deeply entwined with spirituality, we will also work on developing your spiritual framework and beliefs about intuition, karma, the soul’s journey and more – and how these themes are at work in your own life. All of these topics are integral for you to become a diviner, who is a conduit or channel for the Divine.

Here is a taste of what you can accomplish through this mentorship:

  • How tarot can help you understanding the potential, possibilities and themes in your own life
  • Developing the discipline, commitment and discernment required to read tarot – and how those skills can help you in all areas of your life
  • Working with tarot’s energies, elements and archetypes
  • Identifying your spiritual goals for the year ahead and working on them together
  • Tackling intuitive blocks and barriers that prevent you from feeling more connected and aligned with tarot and the universe overall
  • Developing your unique gifts and skills as an emerging tarot reader

Applications for 2021 are opening soon!

Please join the waitlist to be notified when 2021 mentorships are available.

1-year of private study with Liz Worth.

- 2 calls per month

- Homework assignments

- Email support 

Cost: $350 / mth

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This program is for spiritual seekers who are serious about learning tarot. Committing to this program means making the time each week for your calls, and to follow through on the work that unfolds throughout this time.

Are you ready to take this step?

This program is currently full. If you would like to join me in 2021, I can notify you when applications re-open.

About Your Teacher...

Liz Worth is a tarot reader, teacher and the author of The Power of Tarot and Going Beyond the Little White Book: A Contemporary Guide to Tarot. Her tarot books have become beloved modern guides for tarot readers of all levels. 

Liz has 25 years of experience with divination, cartomancy, astrology, tarot and spirituality. She has taught hundreds of people how to use tarot to improve and enrich their lives. Her work has been featured on tarot podcasts and blogs around the world, including the Wildly Tarot Podcast, Theresa Reed's Tarot Bytes Podcast, Tarot Visions and many others. 

Liz only works with a select number of private students at a time. If you are called to walk this path with her, please apply for your free consultation call below to see if this program is right for you.

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